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I have never been a refugee. I have never been in war. I never had to drop everything and leave. Until Corona broke out. Thats what makes it so strange. I mean, society basically shut down in a very short period of time. Like it is a war braking out. Plans got cancelled. Life was put on pause all of a sudden. But still, society moves on with a strange feeling. Yes, many things changed. But many things still stays the same. I still go to bed every night after reading the Bible and praying. I still wake up in the morning and have my favourite fried-egg-sandwich. I still have to submit the same essays to my teachers. And thanks to Corona i have connected with friends from long time. And that is strange. Is it really necessary for a virus and lock down before i can properly enjoy my sandwich and a simple conversation with friends? But that is exactly what Corona has taught me: It is possible to live without plans for the next month. It is possible to build and maintain friendships after years gone by. And, it is possible to enjoy the same fried-egg-sandwich. Every morning. Corona cannot take that away.

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#whatislove #lovehurts #godislove

There is a song called “What is Love?” That question got me thinking. Please join me in the process.

I believe it when the bible says that “God is love” But I have also seen and experienced that love could be painful. Yet, there are also examples of love bringing healing. So then, how can love be painful and bring healing? If God is love, is pain and integral part of who he is? Is pain caused by love something inherent to what it means to be created in the image of God? We might be comfortable saying that God is love because it ultimately brings healing. But I wonder if that is only one side of it.

To make it even more complicated lets think about this. I am pretty sure all of us can think of someone who has been hurt by love in one way or another. Big or small wounds, doesn’t matter. I know I have wounds. But that’s not the point. I rather wonder, could the hurt caused by love be healed by love? Maybe…If Jesus died a painful death because his love for sinners, (who most of them never responded to his love) he was also resurrected because God loved him. We might be comfortable saying that God is love because he brings healings. But I wonder if that is only one side of it.

This comes down to everyday life. We cannot live without love. Or we can try, but a very brief look at reality and my own life simply tells I need love to survive. I know someone might think “But there are different kinds of love and our love for each other is not same as Gods love for us.” Yes, but take away love in any form and see what happens. I am not even going to try that. We cannot fool ourselves and think that only Gods love matters. Love between human beings matters too.

However, it seems to me that wherever I turn, there is now way around love in any of its forms. But equally true, wherever I turn there is now way around pain. They go together. They did so for Jesus. They will do so for us. So why avoid pain? It might be the other side of love

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  • Anton Torstensson

I never thought about who I am

Until a big part was taken away

I saw my childhood through a handycam

But the past did not predict this day

The hardest part of life is separation

What to keep and what to leave behind

Growth in life comes through desperation

Death leave, grief helped me find

I lost you more and more day by day

Strangely, I found me self along the way

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